Monday, May 26, 2014

Disneyland! Day 3

Day 3 started off with Princesses!  This was one thing that Daphne really wanted to do, so we decided to do it first thing when the line wasn't too long.  She was really shy, but she absolutely loved it!

This is actually a pretty good one of everyone!

Gotta have the daily ice cream!

Xander LOVED it!  This was right after a major blowout caused from eating too many grapes for lunch.  Needless to say, we *had* to buy him a new outfit....

Waiting for the parade to start.  Daphne was super excited to see ALL of the princesses in the parade.  The one disappointment is that Ana and Elsa weren't in it, which was the cause of a few tears.  Oh, well, you can't do everything, right?

We let each kid choose a souvenir, and Daphne chose this pointy princess hat. 

We didn't want to wait the THREE hours to see Anna and Elsa, but we got a picture with Olaf  :)

Minnie was the other character Daphne really wanted to see, and we finally were able to as we were leaving. 

Yeah, no words....

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Disneyland! Day 2, Part 2

The other rides we wanted to for sure go on were Toy Story and Tower of Terror.  California Adventure is a little more laid back, but we still had a lot of fun!

Waiting for Toy Story

Who needs human interaction, anyway?  ;)

These two girls are best friends!

Chicken fight!

Xander didn't really like waiting in line, but he had fun with the glasses.

While most people went on Soarin',  Karen and I took the little ones to the play area.  My little climber loved the nets!

They found a little stream to splash in, and spent most of the time there.  They ended up soaked, but had a great time!

Zachary has always loved Pluto.  When we saw him, we had to run to get a picture with him, even though Zachary was eating ice cream.  Pluto kept gesturing that he wanted the ice cream, and begging for it.  It was really cute, and Zachary got a kick out of it!

I think my favorite ride is Tower of Terror.  I convinced Zachary to come with me, and he liked it too.  However, the movie before the ride terrified him.  He thought the people really disappeared, and he was afraid that we would disappear too.  In fact, that night we split up and he and Neil ended up at the hotel before us.  Zachary was soooo worried that I had disappeared in the elevator and he would never see me again.  Whoops!

Xander LOVED chicken nuggets dipped in Ranch!

At the end of the day, we wanted to get a picture with the lights of Cars land.  We went over to the ride to see what the wait time was, and someone offered us 2 fast passes!  Neil and Zachary got to go again, and he was so excited!

Disneyland! Day 2, Part 1

The second day, we headed over to California Adventure.  We were all excited to see the new Cars land, so we were there bright and early.  (Plus, the kids weren't about to sleep in, so we figured we might as well.)  When the doors opened, Neil headed straight to Radiator Springs Racers, while I went to get a fast pass.  It worked really well, and we were able to go on it 2 times!  Daphne isn't quite 40 inches, but I bought her some tall shoes just for that ride and it worked.  The kids loved it, even though Daphne was a little bit scared when we went fast up and down the hills. 

A few people did California Screamin', but I didn't want to end up with a headache all day....

Zachary wasn't shy at all around the characters, but he didn't get to see quite as many because he preferred to ride the rides.

Here's the whole gang!

While waiting in line for the Cars ride, they have a room that has all these bottles in the wall.  They were pretty cool, and playing with them gave the kids something to do.

Zachary took this shot.  Pretty good for a 6-year-old!

Of course, we had to go on the carousel!  Even though Daphne didn't make us do it 50 times this time, she still likes it.

These boys had fun running all around.

"Don't take my picture, Mom!"

Carson was super excited when Xander started going to him.  They spent a lot of time together, and it was a huge help!  Here's to awesome uncles :)